Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where my people at?

Since we have been home we daily go through a running of Peyton's people! Apparently she has noticed that she isn't seeing everyone at the same consistency she is used to and this is her way of checking up on everyone!

She normally asks whenever we are driving and it is adorable!

This is how it normally goes....

Peyton: "Daddy?"
Mom: "He is at work, he misses you and will be home tonight"

Peyton: "Titus?"
Mom: "He is at home"

Peyton: "G?"
Mom: "She is in Canada, we will see her soon"

Peyton: "Papa?"
Mom: "He is in Canada with G, they will be home soon"

Peyton: "Oshey?"
Mom: "Ashley is at her house, we can see her soon"

Peyton: "Max?"
Mom: "Max is with Auntie Ashley at her house"

Peyton: "Shhh"
Mom: "Shannon is in California, we can call her later"

And then repeat again and again and again until she decides to find something else to say. She LOVES this game and I love hearing her ask about all the people she loves in her life!

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