Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Monster Ball

One of the reasons I came back from Canada when I did was for the Lady Gaga concert that my sister Ashley and I went to that next week! Yes, Lady Gaga is weird but her music is fun and she put on a good show!

What was almost more fun than the show was the people watching and all of the costumes! I wish I took more pictures of people's outfits but I was too shy to walk up to strangers and take their picture! Here is one that I got...she was wearing a bubble wrap dress and managed to do her hair in the Lady Gaga bow!
My sister and her friend dressed up but not nearly as out there as some people...even with my sisters purple wig! I thought it was super amusing that Ashley and her friend were dressed up and I was dressed normal yet I looked out of place!

This was just one of MANY costumes that Lady Gaga had on! It was such a good show and she is a great performer and it was really interesting to hear how motivating she is and how she had a really good lesson on being yourself, loving yourself and accepting who you are.

It was a fun and very late night! I am not used to getting home at 1:30 AM! I am glad I worked diligently months ago to get tickets and had fun!

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Ashley said...

You should post all the concert photos to facebook so that I can see them! Love you!