Tuesday, February 8, 2011

34 Weeks

Another week down and approximately 31 or so days left!

How did we get so close? Well, AGAIN my doctor decided to adjust my delivery date. Based off my last appointment (last Tuesday, 2/1) and seeing my fluid levels slightly (ever so slightly) down from my last ultrasound in the hospital, having fluctuating blood pressure readings and my history, not knowing my exact due date and not wanting to go past due knowing that past due babies have to be monitored for placenta and fluid issues (which are already an issue with me)....the high risk doctor recommended delivering between 38-39 weeks. So, that puts us back to the second week of March since my doctor is going on vacation the third week. I am waiting on the newly scheduled c-section date but it will probably be March 10 or 11 so I am as far along as possible before my doctor leaves. So...back to having a new date that hopefully is the final date! We don't want Graham to come anytime before this new date!

At 33 weeks and 5 days

I had another ultrasound/non stress test today and everything is still looking good. During the non stress test I had about three contractions about 10 minutes apart but everything looked normal. As for my ultrasound my fluid levels dropped slightly again...about .25 cm...and are just below normal for the stage of the pregnancy at an AFI of 11.53 cm. Nothing to worry about but it is showing a trend and as long as the pattern of .25 cm each week holds up we are fine. It is when we start losing whole centimeters that we need to worry. When I started having this with Peyton I had an AFI index of 9 cm at 35 weeks and then 5 cm the day before I delivered at 37 weeks. So, a 11.53 cm reading is good news! What is even more interesting is all the various things they look at to see if this is affecting Graham such as his stomach and bladder and ensuring that they are full which indicates that he has enough fluid to swallow/function. I feel so beyond blessed and thankful that we have access to the medical care that we do to make sure that we get a healthy little boy here!

We are very much ready for precious Graham to arrive and I am getting very excited about seeing him, holding him and beginning our life as a family of four. I was able to get a good amount crossed off my list over the weekend and once I get my new date can get several more done pretty quickly. I really would like to finalize everything for Peyton and Titus this week and start packing at least my hospital bag. We did put out the swing over the weekend so I could get Titus used to it again and also teach Peyton not to hang on it or sit in it. So far so good for both of them but we will try turning it on in the coming weeks and see what happens! I also managed to make one meal to freeze so we are well on our way to checking off items!

I have my regular appointment Thursday and hopefully everything will be pretty routine there and then back for another ultrasound etc next Tuesday!


Update from my Thursday appointment....

Blood pressure is still fluctuating and random. I will be starting weekly blood work to check kindney function until Graham comes (not fun since I HATE my blood getting drawn) and I have to do a 24 urine collection again but this time at home starting Sunday.

Finally...looks like our date will be March 8th so about 26 days or so to go.....

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Stori said...

I'm so happy for you that it looks like the date is going to be moved forward! I'll be praying for yours and Graham's continued health. I am sure he will be a beautiful, sweet little boy. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about him and also how you manage with TWO kiddos. I hope you can give me pointers when my turn comes!