Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sand Box

At the beginning of my pregnancy and when I barely had the energy to walk to the bathroom to be sick, I started having Peyton play outside in her sand box while I sat on the couch and watched her. It has proven to be a valuable tool because she now knows to tell me before she walks inside and I can do stuff around the living room/fold laundry or just relax and she will play for a long time. She also insists on Titus being outside with her and if she isn't playing with the sand, they are playing together.

Well, today when I walked back from grabbing a load of laundry this is what I found..... She was having a blast and loving the warmer weather! When she was ready to come inside she stood by the back door (which I just leave open when she is out there), yelled "Mommy" even though she could see me and started to take off her clothes herself outside. I was very pleased!

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