Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adorable Peyton

Peyton has been stinking adorable lately! John and I have been laughing with her (and at her) non stop this weekend and we love it! She is talking non stop (she talked for 30 minutes straight after church today saying every single word she knows and words I didn't know she knew) and has been SUPER SILLY! I love this side of Peyton and love seeing her personality come out.

Here she is ready to go to church this did she get so big and grown up looking?

Some other fun pictures/moments from the weekend was Friday when we were inside all day due to the freeze and by the afternoon had some cabin fever so my parents came over to play a game, have dinner and play some more games. Before they came over we were all pretty much in our PJs and since we weren't going outside John let her pick out her clothes including her huge bow. She was very stylish. Sometime during the game she was playing with her baby dolls and I got the idea to show her what a sling was. I have an extra one so I tied it up with a hair elastic and helped put it on her and she thought she was very cool!

Then Saturday we made it to our church's Valentine Making Party. We went last year with Granny and Papa and she loved the glitter and had a blast. This year however she was only moderately interested in the Valentine making process and kept wanting to go play on the huge Thomas the Train they have in that classroom.

As you can see....she was getting a little bored with her Valentine's and didn't seemed too pleased that we were making her finish her three before going off to play.

Much happier now on Thomas the Train.....

A weekend full of wonderful memories and moments. Peyton is becoming such a happy kid (most of the time) and has such a vibrant and tenacious spirit. I love watching her grow up and I am so blessed to be her mommy!

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Stori said...

Its nice to know that they just get cuter with age! I look at Isla sometimes and I wonder how she could get any cuter than she is at 9 months, and sometimes I wish she would just stay my cute little baby forever.