Monday, February 21, 2011

Graham's Quilt

I think I mentioned before how a friend of ours (Sarah from My Spare Time) is an amazing seamstress and makes beautiful quilts.

Well, we talked awhile back about trading our skills and I would help plan her son's birthday party and she would make Graham a quilt. Unfortunately with my second trimester cramping and intense pain, I was unable to uphold my part so I didn't really think about his quilt until she contacted me in December and asked when we were going to get together and talk about his quilt. I was so excited and incredibly, incredibly grateful. We met up, I dropped off the fabric and this weekend she dropped off the finished quilt and it is AMAZING! I am so in love with it and am so excited for Graham to use it. She did an beautiful job and I can not even begin to express how appreciative I am of her gift. I love that every time we use it we can think of her and her family and we can reminded of not only the blessing of their relationship but the blessing of so many wonderful relationships that we have formed while living here and how truly blessed we are and so appreciative of them.

I love that it is primarily white since so much of his room is dark and that there is so much of the blue used since his curtains, furniture are are all dark. The back is a super soft baby blue fabric which gives it such a nice cuddly feel. She also made it bigger than a traditional crib quilt so I can use it on the end of his toddler bed or even folded at the end of a twin bed. Since I love his curtains/theme I am most likely keeping them for many years and just buying a plain duvet cover/sheets to stick with the blue and brown so we will for sure be using the quilt for many years to come!

It is so pretty, soft and beautifully done. Sarah has a definite talent and she is so generous bless her friends with it! Thank you SO MUCH!

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Stori said...

Beautiful. I love it. My best friend made Isla a quilt, and it is the most special item that I have of hers. I am so glad that Graham has one!