Tuesday, February 15, 2011

35 weeks...20 days to go!

I know that 5 weeks does not equal 20 days but when you are having a repeat c-section those numbers tend to not match!

Finally we have a new date that I believe will not change nor do I want it to change. We will be having Graham the week of March 7... about 20 days away. I should have the newly scheduled date when I go in on Thursday for an appointment. Mostly this is because the specialist wants him delivered between 38-39 weeks and my doctor is gone the 39th week so that leaves the week of March 7. Finally a final date and one that I want to stick. I don't want him any earlier!

As a result of my fluctatuating blood pressures and wanting to verify that it wasn't hurting my body, I did another 24 hour urine collection but at home on Sunday, dropped it off Monday and did some blood work. I will be doing weekly blood work now until he comes to test my kidney function. I didn't think much about the whole collection thing until I realized that we had offered to watch our friend's kids (an almost 3 year old and 3 month old) Sunday night so they could go on a date and that meant trucking over there with my cooler and "sample." At least we have all gone through the joys and strange stuff of pregnancy and got a good laugh! Then when I had to go in to get my blood work drawn, I just took Peyton with me. We had music class later that morning and it just made since since they are in the same area and both about 15-20 minutes from the house. Everything was going great, peyton was being awesome and then I realized that I had to sit in a chair, get a needle and get my blood drawn and NOT act like a baby like I normally do. I HATE HATE HATE getting needles and blood work done and normally act like a baby. Not something you can do when your toddler is already looking a little freaked out and even gave you her lovey to comfort you! I made it through and actually found it easier since I was trying to talk to her and distract her from flipping out/grabbing at the vials and other interesting objects! I am also glad I took her because my doctor hasn't seen her in forever and one of the nurses there was one of my nurses with her and she hasn't seen her in two years and loved being able to see her. You never realize how much time you spend with these nurses during your pregnancy and how much they also care about delivering you a healthy baby at the end. They work so hard and I am so appreciative of the awesome nurses I have!

My ultrasound and stress test were this morning and my fluid dropped again.....25 cm. which was kind of expected. I am having more regular contractions but nothing concerning and overall he looks fine and healthy. My appointment next week will involve a more in depth ultrasound to monitor growth and ensure that my blood pressure etc hasn't restricted his growth. Two more appointments with the specialist and then Graham will be here!

As for baby preparation...I made some serious progress this past weekend and have very little left, which is good because we are running out of time! My biggest things left is arranging all the details for Peyton and where she is going on what days etc while I am in the hospital! I also need to pack her bag etc but I figured I would just do it the night before since she uses so much of it everyday anyways.

Here is what our list looks like now......

Send email to family
Wash clothes/blankets/bibs etc from shower
Call Bayside Bed and Biscuit for Titus
Make master grocery list of items we regularly buy
Arrange for Peyton's care
Print off Peyton schedule and important numbers to put with bag
Master bathroom mirror project done
Spray paint patio table done
Get watch battery replaced
Clean out freezer/fridge
Sort/declutter master closet bookcase and master bathroom
Make Rice and Bean Taco's to Freeze
Make Spaghetti Pie to Freeze
Wash baseboards
Clean fans and vents
Get extra stationary to write thank you notes etc
Make email/text list of friends and family to inform
Print off and prepare as much as possible of passport application
Call Dr Quillinabout procedure since not delivering at Clear Lake
Get Dyson working and all parts here
Check to make sure breast pump is working
Sort and clean out pantry
Sort/declutter guest bathroom and desk area and hall closet
Disinfect all of Peyton's toys
Move swing and bassinet to appropriate places
Batteries in swing/ bouncer etc
Bring pack n'play, bouncer to parents
Car Seat adapter in John's car
Peyton extra car seat to parents
Car seat by hospital bags
Pack hospital bags for Che
Pack diaper bag
Mulch/clean up backyard
Make Chicken/Brocolli Casserole to Freeze
Buy frozen Stouffer meals
Make list of addresses for birth announcements
Get information on adding Graham to insurance
Pick out birth announcements
Decide on poses etc to do with Graham for pictures
Sort/declutter living room
Buy extra pull ups/wipes for Peyton
Stock up on toliet paper/paper towels/buy one extra dog food
Get gift for Graham to give to Peyton at hospital
Wrap gift for Peyton
Che haircut
Clean Graham's room/fan/vents etc
Clean house (major cleaning) one last time
Wash bed sheets/changing pad one last time

And as I look at the list I realize that the things that are left really don't matter all that much. They are nice to do items but not needed which I guess is part of having your second and realizing that all you really need is some diapers, wipes, some sort of bed for them to sleep in and a food source...the cleaning and other supplies are just nice to have!

Off to pick up Peyton from school and hopefully spend some time outside enjoing this beautiful weather...finally!

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