Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby's Coming Checklist.....

I mentioned in an earlier post about my need to create a list of things to tackle/get done by the time Graham arrives...more specifically by 36 weeks. I have given myself a deadline of the end of February for most things and a couple of things the first week in March. This is what I have so far...anything I missed?

Send email to family
Wash clothes/blankets/bibs etc from shower
Call Bayside Bed and Biscuit for Titus
Make master grocery list of items we regularly buy
Arrange for Peyton's care
Print off Peyton schedule and important numbers to put with bag
Master bathroom mirror project done
Spray paint patio table done
Get watch battery replaced
Clean out freezer/fridge
Sort/declutter master closet bookcase and master bathroom
Make Rice and Bean Taco's to Freeze
Make Spaghetti Pie to Freeze
Wash baseboards
Clean fans and vents
Get extra stationary to write thank you notes etc
Make email/text list of friends and family to inform
Print off and prepare as much as possible of passport application (since we will probably be traveling this summer and need to make sure that is not something we forget/get behind on)
Call Dr Quillin (pediatrician) about procedure since not delivering at Clear Lake which is where he has privileges
Get Dyson working and all parts here
Check to make sure breast pump is working
Sort and clean out pantry
Sort/declutter guest bathroom and desk area and hall closet
Disinfect all of Peyton's toys
Move swing/bassinet to appropriate places
Batteries in swing/bouncer etc
Bring pack n'play, and extra bouncer to parents
Car Seat adapter in John's car
Peyton extra car seat (actually Graham's toddler car seat we got on sale) to parents
Car seat by hospital bags
Pack hospital bags for everyone
Mulch/clean up backyard
Make Chicken/Broccoli Casserole to Freeze
Buy frozen Stouffer meals
Make list of addresses for birth announcements
Get information on adding Graham to insurance
Pick out birth announcements
Decide on poses etc to do with Graham for pictures
Sort/declutter living room
Buy extra pull ups/wipes for Peyton
Stock up on toilet paper/paper towels/buy one extra dog food
Get gift for Graham to give to Peyton at hospital
Che haircut
Clean Graham's room/fan/vents etc
Clean house (major cleaning) one last time
Wash bed sheets/changing pad one last time
Whew....that is a bunch to do and a little overwhelming but exciting at the same time since it will keep me busy and by the time I am done...Graham should be here! Or pretty close to it!


sarah said...

Here's something you can mark off your list..we use same pediatrician and didn't deliver at clear lake so they told us to call after baby is born to schedule appt for a few days after birth.

John and Che Acord said...

Thanks Sarah! That is what I thought but I needed to make sure. One more thing to check off!