Tuesday, February 22, 2011

36 weeks....14 more days!

We are in the homestretch! Only 14 more days! We are officially scheduled to meet Graham on March 8th!

This past week and weekend we have been BUSY BUSY BUSY with finishing up baby prep and my list of what is left is short....disinfect Peyton's toys, wash all of our sheets before we head to the hospital and pack Peyton's bag the weekend before! We did so much this weekend such as de-cluttering and organizing our master bedroom closet, cleaning the vents/fans and TONS of yard work! We only have two more weekends before Graham comes and the weekend before he comes is already full with visiting with friends who will be in town and cleaning/packing so we really only have next weekend free.

As much as we did get done this weekend I will be honest that it was a hard weekend for me emotionally. I am not the type of girl to sit down and not help and growing up we did all kinds of stuff around the house so I am used to working, building and doing hard labor and it is super hard to sit down and supervise. I hate not being useful and hate feeling lazy! I love hauling bags of dirt, planting and feeling achy and sore at the end of the day. Then....I also realized that even after having Graham and after my recovery I will still not be able to help/do as much for awhile because I will be busy caring for two children. It really has only been since Peyton turned 2 that she can be out there working with me and I finally felt like I had some free time and ability to do more than just caring for the household chores/Peyton. I am going to have to be patient and remember this is just a phase of life and one that I need to sit back and enjoy!

Another thing that hit me this weekend is how Peyton will no longer be my baby/only child. I love our family of three and I am a little sad to see it end. I love devoting all my time and attention on Peyton and the relationship that we have been building. I am scared of how she will react to the baby, being a big sister and most of all sharing Mommy. I worry about her and am trying to remember that she will be fine!

This weekend just brought forth the reality of how close we are and how much life is about to change in two short weeks. So, here are some specific things that we are really asking for prayer for....
  • For my c-section and that everything goes well before, during and after surgery. Wisdom and attentiveness for my doctors and nurses. That I am healthy at the end of the surgery. And for my fears of having the surgery and the whole process. Pray for peace for me.
  • For Graham and that he is delivered healthy and we can start and have success in establishing breast feeding as soon as possible.
  • For my recovery and that it is speedy and that I rest and allow my body to recover. Specifically that I take it easy, accept the help that is offered and remember my limits and yet have the energy and strength I need physically and emotionally to care for my family.
  • For Peyton as she adjusts to being a big sister. That she understands and still feels loved when Mommy can't pick up her and carry her around. That she is not affected by the inconsistency in her day to day life those first few weeks when other people are caring for her etc.
  • That despite the tiredness and stress of a newborn that John and I daily seek God for strength, wisdom and guidance on how to raise a son and how to adjust to being a family of four!

And I leave you with my wonderful pregnant belly...I am getting so big and feel huge! Next week I am planning on wearing the same outfit for my 37 week picture that I did with Peyton so we can compare. That was the last picture I had with Peyton so lucky Graham will get one more before we venture into the hospital!

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