Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bringing family closer!!

One thing that is the hardest about being here is not seeing family. Yes you can call, facebook etc but I already miss hanging out with my family and I knew this would be the hardest thing for me with my parents living so close to us in League City (0.7 miles away). So, yesterday when my sister made it official and announced that she is accepting a teaching position in Abu Dhabi and will be moving in August, I was overjoyed!

She has been contemplating this since before we left and I knew it was a possibility and I am beyond excited that it is now a reality. She is starting a blog,
Good-Bye Bikinis, Hello Abayas that you can follow and read all about her adventures as a single female moving to Abu Dhabi to teach elementary English, math and science in a national school! I am so proud of her for getting the job and even more proud of her for going after this opportunity despite how scary or overwhelming it might be. It takes a lot of guts to move across the world and even more so on your own! I am super happy that she will be closer to us and am already looking into how to get her a 5 year multiple entry/exit visitor visa to Saudi. Pretty much I just have to wait until we get our Iqama (residence visa) and then I can apply. We will get to have Christmas together here in Saudi which is such an unexpected blessing and it is only a 80 minute flight directly to Abu Dhabi for around $300 or $224 if we fly into Dubai and then drive to Abu Dhabi. Either way....I will be able to go see her regularly! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she gets everything handled to move, moves and gets settled!

This also means that my dad is thinking about coming to help her get settled in September and then make a trip to Saudi!

Now I just have to convince my mom that she can handle the flight....

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