Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mid Week Randoms

I took this idea from another blog I read and figured it would be a good mid week post (although here in Saudi Wednesday is more like the end of the week) and allow me to catch people up quickly as our Wednesdays tend to be busy.

Here we go.....
  • Last Thursday I went shopping with a Lindsey and Stephanie both people we knew back in League City. Kind of weird shopping in Saudi with them! John watched Lindsey's son Gavin and Peyton while we took the babies with us. It was great fun and I was introduced to several fun shops in the souks and a craft store and just shown more of what is out there. I found several fun purchases....a Morocco lantern and a painted wooden tray with camels on the handles. Fun girl time, fun shopping and a great day! John as always did great watching the older kids. I am blessed with a pretty awesome husband!
  • It is really hot here and it is only going to get hotter. Doesn't help that our AC went out. They are hopefully coming today to fix it.
  • We have been busy with play dates, coffee mornings, Mom and Tots and tons of activities. Some days we are just going all day long! It is such an answered prayer to be building relationships this early.
  • I hit the 6 week blues. Apparently everyone right around 6 weeks just gets really down and wants to go home. I am there. I was doing great and starting to see us happy here and then it hit me. Hoping it goes away quickly.
  • I keep seeing other families getting their shipment delivered. It makes me super jealous.
  • We have our Iqamas! John has a drivers license and we have applied for our Multiple Entry/Exit and should have those soon which means.....we are going to Bahrain soon! A couple of days of no abayas, no shopping/scheduling around prayer, bacon, margaritas, a movie theater (we are going to take Peyton to see Cars 2 and I am going to pick some chick flick to see), a glass of wine and just a nice time to get away! A friend here might come along with us and I really hope they do because I would love to spend more time with her and her family!
  • We are starting to plan a trip to the UAE for October for our anniversary! It gives me something to do and look forward to!
  • We hired a houseboy. I feel silly hiring someone to clean our house but I always wanted to and we really considered it multiple times in League City but it was so expensive. Here that is not the case. He was recommended by several people and already works on camp in the Housing department and as a life guard. He is coming once a week and I feel so blessed to have the help. I will still be cleaning throughout the week as Titus forces me to vacuum every day and the sand/dog hair makes me have to dust mid week. I am very thankful!
  • Graham is starting to grab and hold onto toys.
  • Peyton is doing great at swimming and is so excited to go every week.
  • We are starting to look at cars and are having a hard time deciding what we want/how much to spend/whether to buy new or used (Saudi's typically don't service their cars and just replace as opposed to maintaining), how many seats do we want....all we know is we want an SUV...doesn't narrow things down very much.
  • I am looking for a new abaya. Seems sill but if I am wearing this all the time I want a pretty one. I found one I LOVED but it was 1400 SAR which is around $400. A little too much for an abaya but it was really pretty and the style I wanted. Yes, there are many different styled abayas!
Looking forward to the weekend! And John has Saturday off (I have no idea why) so we have a nice three day weekend ahead!

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