Saturday, June 11, 2011


When we left League City our friends threw us a wonderful Going Away Party and surprised us with an iPad. We were overwhelmed with everyone's generosity. When we started playing with it we thought it was fun and cool but wasn't sure how much we would use it.

Well, being here it is a lifesaver and the greatest thing ever for us! When we need to go somewhere it normally takes forever to get there and can take a long time while you are there. If you are going to the clinic, expect to wait for a long time. Going is an hour each way. So, we have lots of time to entertain Peyton and it is not practical to be carrying all kinds of toys, books etc when you are on a bus or in a taxi. We did have a portable DVD player but it is big and heavy. The iPad allows us to have videos for Peyton, educational applications for her to play, fun things for her to play and it just slips into my diaper bag! It also has become our main family calendar since we are out and about and can easily see what our week looks like. It is also helpful in checking email while out and also a source of fun and entertainment for us with videos, games etc. Also, since we are out and about it also allows me to make notes of things I need to do, remember, or buy while I am back home in the states. It is great! I love it and am so appreciative to everyone who contributed to getting it for us! Thank you for giving us a lifesaver! It has been awesome and it has only been three weeks!

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