Friday, June 3, 2011

Conversations with Peyton

Lately Peyton's vocabulary has exploded and she is using sentences more and more and even starting to reason and explain things to us. I am loving it! As much as I love talking with her and hearing how she interprets things or thinks things through, it is difficult because she has an answer or solution to issues when I say no and instead of whining we are getting reasoning so we have had some difficult moments.

Also, she loves the "Eyes of Texas" as much as Graham does and asked for it when I put her to bed last night. I thought I would show her how to put her "horns up" and she loved it! Instead of two different songs we ended up singing Texas twice just because she wanted her horns! I love it and isn't she just adorable!?!

Anyways here are just some of the funny conversations we have had lately...

P: "Mommy, I feed Titus dog food"
M: "Ok, that would be very helpful"
P: "You get him water"

We both do our respective jobs...Titus has been instructed to start eating by Peyton

M: "Peyton, thank you for getting Titus food."
P: "No mommy, thank you water, good job"

It is about to be bath time and she doesn't want John to give her a bath like normal and she comes to talk to me about it

P: Mommy, you give me bath...please
M: Peyton, daddy needs to give you a bath, I am busy cleaning the kitchen
P: I help you mommy
M: Thank you but I don't need your help, you need to have a bath with daddy
P: No, I help mommy. We go super fast, then mommy help me bath
M: You can help me but daddy is still giving you a bath
P: No, mommy, daddy busy Graham
M: What?
P: Daddy holding Graham, he busy. Mommy no holding Graham, give me bath......please
M: Well mommy can hold Graham while Daddy gives you a bath
P: No mommy hold Graham sometimes. Not this sometimes, Graham happy [with] daddy

We finish the dishes, Graham starts crying and then....

P: Mommy you hold Graham, he crying, not happy. Daddy you help me

Peyton was asking to go see G and Papa....

P: I go see G and Papa...ok
M: Well we can see G and Papa in awhile
P: I see them now, you get a stroller, push me, G and Papa...ok
M: Peyton, remember how we got on a big airplane for a long time to come to our new house, well, we have to go back on a plane to see G and Papa. We live far away from them now.
P: Hmmm, I pack my suitcase, my toys, my clothes, Titus, drive car to airplane, sleep on airplane and go see G and Papa...ok....lets go mommy....busy day
M: Peyton, we can't go to the airport, we don't have any tickets to get on the airplane
P: I call daddy....get money....mommy buy tickets....its ok....daddy fix it
M: Peyton we don't have enough money to buy tickets right now, they are really expensive. We can go soon but we can call G and Papa later?
P: Mommy...yes money....daddy working
M: Well, you talk to daddy when he comes home

We were about to eat dinner and she was playing on the iPad and didn't want to stop playing to eat, I told her she would get the iPad dirty so she needed to eat first and then we could play the game....

P: No mommy....I play feed me [with the] fork and hands no dirty....ok?

Seriously....where does she come up with this stuff!

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