Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mall and Potties

Tuesday night we decided to brave the late night shoppers bus to the Mall of Dhahran. It left camp at 4:30 PM and arrived home at 10:30 PM so I knew it would be a late night but it was something we have been wanting to do and since Peyton had a super late and long nap we figured the worst thing that could happen is us having a screaming toddler on our hands. No big deal! I also have been wanting to do the trip with John for the first time so I could start going by myself during the week and be comfortable and we didn't want to go on the weekends when the mall is super busy and we have heard a little rowdy.

Since you can't really take pictures out in public and it is next to impossible to be discrete taking pictures with your toddler yelling for your camera and screaming, "my turn," I just pulled some form the internet to give you an idea of the mall.

The whole trip overall went really well. We got to the mall fine and looked for Chili's right away so we could get in and order food before prayer and then eat during prayer. We ate and then we looked around and I am in LOVE with the mall! It has a good amount of stores for the kids cloths including Carters, Oshkosh, Gymboree and Gap Kids. It has TONS of BEAUTIFUL shoes! I am in love with heels and fun shoes and although I have no place to wear any of them it could become my addiction! I could just collect an amazing shoe collection for when I can wear them! There was also some cute clothing stores but since you can't try anything on I don't see that being a regular purchase. Although there were some cute drape style dresses that you could easily know whether it would look good and your size so we will see. We didn't buy much...some bows for Peyton and some nail polish but it was fun to look around and get an idea of what is available. They have several stores that I recognize from the States, lots that I know from Canada and a bunch of my favorites from Europe that I remember visiting when my parents were in Paris!

Also at the mall I got to have my first public restroom experience. Yes, we have lived here for four weeks and I have yet to go to the restroom in public. Mostly that is because I purposely avoid it! I was prepared however and I thank my friend Lindsey for that as I knew what to expect (pull your abaya/pant legs up due to the water and also carry toilet paper in your purse)! There were two choices of toilets...the Eastern style toilet and their version of a Western toilet.

The Eastern style toilet is something that could be very shocking if you were not prepared for it, luckily I have been prepared by friends! Here is a picture of what the Eastern style toilet also known as a "two stepper" looks like.....

Yes, that is a hole in the ground. If you are as equally confused as I was on how to use it you can watch a good (clean) video here. I decided not to venture into that whole new experience and stick with the more safe option which was their version of a western toilet...essentially the toilet bowl with no lid or seat so squatting was still required in some form, no toilet paper and lots of water on the ground...kind of gross....I was not happy that I needed to go and was happy that Peyton is still not potty trained because I have no idea what to do with her in there...gross me out!

Just before catching the bus home we decided to go to the one place I have been missing the most...Starbucks! I found a picture online of what it looked like but what it doesn't show is that the family/woman entrance is behind the part that is shown and you enter on the sides behind these glass walls. Anyways....we walk in and I notice that the menu is significantly smaller. But I look for something I recognize and also something cold because it is super hot in my Abaya chasing/handling kids. I order a Java Chip Frappacino was awful! It really tasted like cold, ice chocolate milk. I was so sad! It was the biggest disappointment and really bummed me out. We did discover that you can buy the coffee for cheaper there as opposed to Lulu's etc.

After my very sad trip to Starbucks we went to wait for the bus and then one of those moments where you just wonder....seriously, this is what my life is about now......warning.....this is about bodily functions of a toddler!

We were waiting for the bus, in the dark at 9:30 PM, Peyton was playing by some lamp post and being really well behaved and patient and all of the sudden the following occurs....note that the bus is scheduled to arrive any minute now....

Peyton: "Mommy, my fingers yucky"
Mommy: Reaches down to grab her hand "Gross, what did you touch."
Peyton: "Poo Poo"
Mommy: "What, where did you find poo poo."
Peyton: No reply and looking very guilty about something and meanwhile I am looking around trying to decide what she touched
Mommy: "Was it on the ground...Peyton, what did you touch! Tell me NOW"
Peyton: "Poo Poo in my diaper"
Mommy: "WHAT, did you put your finger in your diaper."
Peyton: "Yes, I poo poo in my pants, dirty"

I look at her back and there is poo running up her back out of her diaper...disgusting! So, in the middle of a bus stop in the middle of a dark parking lot at the mall with about 3 minutes until the bus arrives we pull Graham's car seat out of the stroller, lay the stroller flat, put his blanket down on the stroller and throw Peyton in there. I grab a disposable diaper bag and John starts to wipe/clean her up. We get it all clean and then realize that there was poo on her pants and now the blanket. The bus arrives, we throw the blanket and pants in another bag, throw them under the stroller and take her on the bus with no pants. We get on the bus and John and I just look at each other and laugh!

Oh the glamorous life we lead.....

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Megan Lagoy said...

Che, reading your blog is bringing back such memories from my 3 years in Thailand. I have used MANY a "squatty-potty" (that's our name for "Eastern-style" toilet. Can't say I miss that experience, but it's fun getting to relive some the the more exciting parts of living abroad through your blog. Praying for many safe and memorable adventures for you and your family!