Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and father of my two precious children....

John, you are such a wonderful Dad. Peyton and Graham both light up and are full of smiles and excitement whenever you come home from work. Thank you for working as hard as you do and allowing our children to have me home with them during the day. Thank you for how much you serve them and give of your time and love. Thank you for the guidance and discipline you give Peyton. Thank you for showing Peyton what a husband should be and how much you love her and value her. Thank you for consistently showing up every day and doing an amazing job. You are a strong, God honoring, wonderful father who we are so blessed to have!
Photo by Jessica Clarkson of Clarkson Photography

Also, Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad!

I am so beyond blessed to have had a Dad who was present both physically and emotionally growing up. My dad is pretty much awesome! He consistently provided for us and no matter how busy he was at work he always was there and present in our lives. He was at games, horse riding lessons, school events, dinners at home. My dad lead us with a stern hand that at times was annoying and frustrating but I am thankful for the guidance that has allowed me to achieve all that I have and guide me towards a relationship with my Savior and allows me to be a better wife, mom and person. My dad is funny and weird at times. And my Dad is an amazing Papa! Thank you for loving my children as much as you do. Thank you for all the times you just came to pick Peyton up to go to the store so I could have a break. Thank you for being another positive male role model in Peyton's life so she can see what a Godly husband and father should be. Thank you for helping us set the bar for her future mate high. I look forward to seeing your relationship with Peyton grow more and more and also yours with Graham as he gets older. I am excited about seeing you interact with a little boy and see that side of you. Thank you for the wonderful father you have and are to me and for the wonderful Papa you are and will continue to be!

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