Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 more days....

2 more days and then Daddy has to go back to! I am starting to freak out just a little bit that on Wednesday morning I have to care for two kids by myself all day long. I have no idea how that will work! I have been so lucky to have John home as long as I did.

I will be honest though, it has been very different and almost a little harder recovery not so much physically but emotionally this time. I am much more surprised how much more emotional and hormonal I have been this time. When we had Peyton, I took care of her most of the day and just stayed in bed reading, resting and being pampered and John did stuff around the house, cared for me so I could recover and helped me occasionally with Peyton and we just spent a whole lot of time together as a family of three. Lots of naps, long conversations and just quality time. When he went back to work, I felt confident I could handle everything and we were good. This time however, John has taken on pretty much all care of Peyton, the house, the cleaning etc and it has just been me and Graham kind of left alone. These past two weeks John typically does stuff with Peyton in the morning (errands, park, fun stuff) and that leaves me and Graham at home by ourselves. And as much as I appreciate that he has taken such great care of Peyton and been bonding with her, I will be honest it has resulted in me feeling a little isolated. It has helped me bond tremendously with Graham and become confident in my ability to care for him, understand what he needs and when and have a great two weeks with him BUT I am feeling in no way prepared to take on both Peyton and Graham in just two days. Give me one or the other and I would be fine!

Here is the latest picture of our precious little boy....who by the way looks just like Peyton at 2 weeks but just bigger....which means that all my children will look just like John which in all honesty is kind of annoying. Maybe he will have my personality?

Just so I remember when I go back to do a baby book at some point in his is what Graham is like at 12 days old....

  • He is super easy going, never cries and only really fusses when he wants to eat and even then it is more of a grunting sound.
  • Graham is a great sleeper so far and goes to sleep pretty easily and is already falling into the Eat, Play, Sleep routine from Baby Wise on his own. I have been too overwhelmed to give it much thought so he has made it easy for me.
  • He LOVES bath time and doesn't cry at all. He is super patient with Peyton helping me wash him and put lotion on him and just loves to look around at everyone.
  • He loves looking at his sister and is super interested in her whenever she talks and she loves to tell him that it is "ok" and that he is "cute"
  • Graham LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat! The only difference in terms of a boy vs a girl so far is how much this kid eats. He wakes up every 3 hours on the dot during the day (sometimes every 2.5 hours) and every 4-4.5 hours at night. He will eat a full feeding each time and then most late afternoon and evening feedings is still needing a supplement of formula (or breast milk if I was able to pump that morning). I am very curious how much he weighs and will see on Tuesday at his two week appointment.
  • Boys also like to poop! He has significantly more bowel movements than Peyton and we are flying through diapers...they say you should have 8-10 wet diapers and maybe a couple of poopy ones...well we have 8-10 wet and 8-10 poopy and not at the same time! I am sure that it is TMI but hey it is our blog and our way of remembering what we can use as blackmail when he is a teenager!

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