Thursday, March 31, 2011

We did it! We did it!

Borrowing a line from Dora the Explorer..."we did it." We survived our first full day all by ourselves. Even though John went back to work last Wednesday, I have either had Peyton at MDO for part of the day or with Granny and Papa for part of the day so I haven't been alone all day with both of them until today. And....we are all alive!

Here is a brief run down of our day....

6:00 AM - I wake up to get a shower before before John goes to work, then feed Graham and go back to sleep

8:00 AM- Peyton wakes up, we start our day. I manage to finish getting dressed while she is watching cartoons, I get her dressed, feed Graham and get us all ready for our first outing together by myself!

9:30 AM- We leave the house for bible study with everyone dressed and even Mommy has her hair done and make up on. I am thinking this is a success so far!

11:30 AM - Bible study was great and a nice break and we are heading home. Peyton and I make pancakes for lunch at her request while Graham naps.

12:30 PM- Peyton down for her nap, I do some laundry and pick up from lunch.

1:00 PM - Graham eats and then we both nap together.

2:30 PM- Peyton wakes up. She ends up watching some cartoons because I am too tired from my nap to get going and Graham is hungry again so I feed him again.

3:00 PM- We decide to go get the mail and go for a walk. Peyton is very excited about using the new stroller and tells Graham that we are getting the mail. We end up going for a nice long walk which felt great!

4:30 PM - I was hoping Graham would nap for a little longer but he is awake again which normally means he wants to eat AGAIN....let's see how long I can hold him off.

So, there you have far we have survived and daddy will be home in 30 minutes so we are doing good! Peyton did watch a little more TV than I normally let her, I still haven't figured out how to incorporate his bathtime into our day and if our friends were not blessing us with dinner we would not be eating tonight as that is something I simply can't imagine doing right now but I am trying to focus on the successes of today. Tomorrow will be even easier with Peyton at school for part of the day. We are just taking one day at a time and hoping our day to day life becomes second nature again!

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