Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 2 with Graham

We have survived at least 24 hours with baby #2 and we are certainly blessed with an easy going non fussy baby so far! Until my mom made it a point to try and get him to fuss and cry while he was waiting to be feed, the only other time I heard Graham cry was in the delivery room. While every other baby on the floor screamed all night, he just slept very peacefully and had to be woken up. He is pretty chill! So, overall we had a great night!

Since he is so chill however we have encountered some feeding issues which were the focus of today. Yesterday we noticed his blood sugar was low so we started supplementing with formula. It also didn't help that he would latch on when approached with breast feeding but wouldn't bother to try and suck. Then when we started with the bottle we noticed he didn't have a strong suck and swallow reflex there either. By this morning I had almost given up on attempting to get him to latch on and even the bottle was frustrating. We switched to a non lactose formula in hopes that it would be easier for him to digest and not make him so sleepy and then I ended up meeting with the lactation consultant and we are using a Supplemental Nutrition System which is pretty cool. Essentially Graham is feed formula through a tube but it is put in his mouth when he latches on to breast feed. He learns how to properly latch on, suck and breast feed allowing my body the stimulation it needs to produce milk soon and also gives him rewards and encourages him to work on his reflex while also making sure he gets food and doesn't have low blood sugar which we battled with all yesterday and night. We have had three feedings so far using that and it is going wonderfully. He is getting stronger and he is more alert and healthier looking! I am still praying for continued success and that my milk comes in soon so we can convert to exclusively breast milk.

Other big news of the day...Peyton got to come and see her little brother! She was very timid and not really sure of the whole situation but was very sweet with him. My mom brought her up and then Peyton just hung out with us for a couple of hours and then John took her to lunch at Chick Fil A and then back to Granny and Papa's. Peyton brought Graham his own lovey and opened her present from him (books) and then just cuddled with me and watched cartoons. We went on a walk around the hospital floor where she got to push Graham in his bed. She is having a hard time being away from us and is asking a lot about us and clinging to whoever is around. John will be bringing her up here tomorrow and I am even thinking about maybe him staying the night with her tomorrow and then coming up Friday to go home as a family. saying John could stay home tomorrow night brings me to my next big development of the day....I feel amazing! I am in little to no pain at all, have been up and about all day, gone for a walk and am doing 100% better than I expected. I even asked my doctor if I could go home tomorrow which is a possibility. I mostly want to stay to Friday to make sure Graham's feeding is going well and we have that sorted but I am feeling great! When I had to get up for the first time today I was ready for utter pain but it was easy! I am recovering so much easier this time and it feels good. And, since John went to Katy for the whole afternoon/evening to attend his Aunt Cheryl's funeral, it has been just me and Graham most of the day anyways and we have done great! We had a nice nap together with him on my chest, we have done great on feedings, I am able to get around easy enough to get him out of bed so we are good. It is amazing how much more confident you are with your second, I would have never let myself be alone with Peyton less than 24 hours after she was born! It was a nice day though having Graham all to myself!

This whole birth experience has been a huge answered prayer! The help from my family and friends, the ease of the c-section and Graham being born healthy, the ease in recovery and the staff at this hospital has been AMAZING! I thought I had good nurses at Clear Lake with Peyton but the staff here has been even better and are outstanding!
I am one blessed mommy with two beautiful children!


Stori said...

I love answered prayers! I am so thankful that you feel good after you second section; I've heard that the recovery is usually worse.

You do have a beautiful family, and I think Graham looks a little bit like your Dad! I'll look forward to you showing me how on earth a person manages TWO kiddos... one is hard enough :).

Bryce & Kim said...

I had to use the SNS with Isaac too. I agree, it's wonderful!

Isn't Memorial Hermann fantastic?!?! I know we delivered at different locations of M-H, but had similar, wonderful experiences. I'm sad to think that when/if we have a second child we probably won't be in Houston (so not at M-H).

The lack of sucking is probably due to the lethargy of low blood sugar (Isaac did it too). I am so thankful Graham didn't end up in the NICU like Isaac... that was a stressful experience I hope no one has to deal with. Since he's now supplementing with a little formula that will help the low blood sugar and should also help the alertness.

Can't wait to meet him!