Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In just a week...

In just one week our lives have completely changed and we have been beyond blessed by the addition of our precious, handsome and sweet little boy! He is so sweet, calm, easy going and so far an easy baby. Make sure he is feed every three hours on the dot and he is a happy man!

I can't believe it sometimes! All my fears of not feeling that instant connection to Graham or loving him as much as I love Peyton have been erased and I don't know how it works but my heart doubled in love. I always questioned it when my mom said that she loved all three of her girls the same amount and has taken me becoming a mom (again) to truly understand what she always told me. Life lesson when Peyton was born was when I finally understood that nothing I could do or not do would affect how much my mom loved me.

This week we have been a little sleep deprived and not because Graham wakes up a bunch but mostly because we are not used to getting up every three-four hours to feed and then care for an active toddler all day and try to do household chores etc. Our house is a little less clean than normal, not as organized and it takes three times as long to do something but we are taking deep breaths and enjoying this phase of life and the memories that we are making!
John took this picture on Monday afternoon after Graham's first doctor's appointment (funny story to come soon about that morning) where he did amazing and they were beyond impressed with how healthy he was. He is in perfect health and he is even back at his birth weight of 7lbs 8oz which is what they look for at the 2 week appointment! How did this baby fit inside....seriously this is the same size he was at birth and look at how much of my stomach he takes up! It is crazy!
We have loved watching Peyton love on Graham, tell him that it is "ok," and be the pacifier police! She is very concerned when he isn't sucking on his pacifier and since he doesn't want it unless if he is waiting for food she gets concerned when he doesn't have it in his mouth and tries to force him to take it.

John has been amazing in taking care of Peyton, helping me out and taking care of me so I can recover and staying up with Graham so I can sleep and getting up every three hours since it is still a little hard for me to get out of bed. He has been working really hard and has been serving us so well. I am sure he is ready to go back to work so he can get a vacation!

I am in love with my two precious children and my wonderful husband. I love it! I never could have imagined when I met John almost 8 years ago that we could be so blessed and we would have these precious gifts!

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