Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Clean bill of health

For the past three months I feel like every time I leave the doctor it is something else. Well, of course, the week before my scheduled c-section and when all my doctor's expected me to be sent to the hospital today, we get our first clean bill of health in months.

Ultrasound showed great fluid levels, a healthy placenta, great practice breathing and everything working as it should. My Non Stress Test showed great heart beat variations and contractions every five minutes apart however when she checked everything I have no changes so no worries. Blood pressure was normal for me at this stage and the high risk doctor sent me on my way with instructions to send her a picture of Graham when he comes!

SERIOUSLY GRAHAM!!!!.....you and my body have caused problems constantly this pregnancy and now everything is normal! I just had to laugh when I walked back to my car knowing that I didn't have to visit the hospital today, that I could actually pick up Peyton today from school and that I had a trunk full of bags that just needed to be moved back into the house! So...unless something changes in a week (my water breaks or I start going into labor) we will be meeting Graham next Tuesday morning...oh how unpredictable babies can be!


Lisa said...

Thank you for the update! I was checking your Facebook page obsessively to see if you had announced anything. I can't wait until next week!

Lisa said...

Ooopps, its Stori, I guess my mom is logged in on my computer. She hates it when I do that!