Saturday, March 12, 2011

Big Sister Peyton and Heading Home

We made it home yesterday from the hospital a full day earlier than expected! I was feeling a whole lot better than I expected I would and Graham was healthy and doing much better with his feedings so I asked my doctor if it would even be a possibility and we were discharged yesterday afternoon. It is so much nicer to be at home, in our own beds, with our own stuff and also to be back together as a family. Peyton had fun at Granny and Papa's but she missed us and I wanted to bring normalcy back to her life as soon as possible.

I also have some more pictures from when Peyton met Graham for the first time. Looking back at them I love seeing her smile. She is doing well adjusting with him around and is very concerned about him. When he makes fussy sounds she starts to sing to him, sings a couple of words and then just tells him to stop crying which is amusing. She is mostly concerned with his pacifier and wants him to be having it all times when in reality he doesn't really want or need it.

The hospital gave us a Congratulations cake with two champagne flutes and sparkling water. I ended up saving it for when Peyton came and told her it was a cake for her......a big sister cake. She was super impressed and proud of her cake. She kept saying..."BIG sister." It was nice to be able to recognize her again the second time she came up and reinforce that she was important too.

As I mentioned, we left the hospital yesterday and Graham wore the outfit his Great Grandma made for him. I need to put him back in it and take some more pictures soon because I feel with the craziness of getting out of the hospital I didn't get enough pictures.

There were a couple of amusing events when we left the hospital that made me laugh. The first was just the contrast that I immediately felt between the calm/peacefulness that we had been experiencing at the hospital and then the go at 100%, loud, full force nature of Peyton. As soon as she got there to go home with us she was going non stop....talking, running, moving and it just reminded me that I have a super active and lively toddler at home! I knew I did but a couple days away and you forget how much work she is! The whole way home it was lots of talking, lots of asking questions and just a reminder that we are getting no sympathy or break from her.

Our first night home went well. My parents graciously made us dinner and made sure to help get Peyton settled so John could help me. It was nice to finally have a shower, be in my bed and be home! After dinner, everyone left and it was just us! We read books together while I fed Graham and then John got her in bed and we went to bed shortly afterwards. Graham was a little fussier than he has been but I think it was just overwhelmed with everything because he was also awake more during the afternoon/evening with all of the new surroundings. He did well with his feedings and I am hoping by the time we go on Monday my milk will be established, he will no longer be doing the supplemental feedings and his weight will indicate that we are good to continue with exclusive breast feeding.

Today has been just trying to relax and our goals for the day were to have as much normalcy for Peyton as possible which meant limited TV time, her helping out, her regular schedule and just getting back into our routines. John and Peyton went to the park and the store which allowed me some time to sleep/cuddle with Graham which was nice and then tonight my whole family is coming over and bringing dinner. My sister is in town from college, my aunt is visiting and we figured it was easier for everyone to come to us so I could take it easy as opposed to all of us go to them. I am looking forward to an evening of family time with our newest addition!

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