Monday, March 7, 2011

Breakfast with Friends

Two years ago, John and I ventured out and following God's calling decided to become Navigators of a small group. Our church is centered around small groups and feel that the best growth and the best way to help each other become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ is through a small group setting. Stepping up from just being members of a group to leading a completely new group was scary but God so richly blessed us with an amazing group of people and a wonderful experience. That first group lasted about 16 months before one couple moved to Saudi Arabia and then the rest of us decided to split into two groups to support our church's mission of multiplying groups. John and I are now leading a group with one of the other "original couples."
Well, the couple that moved to Saudi Arabia in August, The Perry's, were in town for a visit and we all gathered Saturday morning for breakfast (minus one wife who was out of town) and enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship, hearing about how God is moving through them in Saudi, what everyone else is up to and also watching all of our children play together.
What is amazing is that when we started this group the only kids that were born were Peyton and then the Perry's son, Gavin who were only around 6 months old at the time........

In addition to Peyton and Gavin, another couple was pregnant at the time with their first due 6 months after our group started, so essentially three kids at the start of our group..... NOW....we have five kids that are born, Graham on the way and another one on the way in July....7 KIDS!!! Talk about multiplying in another way! And I think it is amusing that Peyton is the only girl among those seven!

Even though we are all not in small group every week together and one of us lives in another country, we are still all there for each other, praying for each other, guiding each other and helping each other learn to love God and others more. It has been such a wonderful example of how biblical community should work and we have been immeasurably blessed by these relationships in addition to the relationships we have formed in past small groups.

It was a wonderful Saturday morning for sure!

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