Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The 3 Musketeers...

...will soon add another to their group.

We had a wonderful weekend spending time together and getting ready for the big addition to our family. Sunday, my sister took Peyton to the Rodeo so John and I took the opportunity to go out for brunch together at a place we found in Houston Heights called Java, Java. It was a wonderful way to spend Sunday morning and enjoy each others company and spend some time together. We then visited a couple of furniture stores in the Heights, made our way to Pottery Barn and then headed home to do some housework. Peyton had a blast at the Rodeo and slept for three hours when she got home (in addition to the hour in the car) so she was pooped! When she finally woke up we headed out for Mexican food and I enjoyed fish tacos from my favorite place, La Brisa! Since Peyton slept so much we went to Granny and Papa's for a late night visit and then all went home to bed.

Today Peyton and I had music, finished packing our bags and cleaning up the house and then we went for our final family dinner as a family of three. When John and I went out the night before we had Peyton we went to Saltgrass in Kemah...this time.....because I was tired, didn't want to deal with Peyton and a real restaurant and because I had my fish tacos the night before...we ended up at the glamorous Chick fil A! But we did get a visit from the cow and got our picture with him! Fun memories!

In just a little bit I will be putting my precious daughter to bed knowing that tomorrow I will be the mommy to two precious little children. I am so excited and feel beyond blessed to be adding to our family but at the same time am sad that it will no longer be us three. It is a weird mix of emotions and so hard to explain!

I can't wait to hold Graham, finally see him not on a ultrasound and kiss him! I am also beyond excited about seeing Peyton finally "get" her baby brother and see her grow into her role as a big sister. I know she will do wonderfully and I am excited for her and for Graham. He has a pretty awesome older sister! And I am overjoyed that John gets to have a son and that I get to see him interact with his son! It will be a good day for sure!

Please pray for our family this week though as we are dealing with a wide variety of emotions. Today Cheryl Acord, John's aunt, passed away and our hearts are very heavy with sadness for the loss and for her family. She was a wonderful woman who loved so many and served so many. She was beyond gracious to so many people and such an influential person in John's life and the stories I could say about how she truly helped form him into the man he is today and helped shape his life in the direction it went are numerous. We will miss her terribly and our hearts and prayers are with her husband and three children. The funeral is Wednesday so John will be headed out to Katy to attend that and I hate that I can't be there with him and also say my own goodbyes.

Overall, a week of sadness and loss but excitement and anticipation with the welcoming of Graham. Please pray over tomorrow and the delivery and that he arrives safe and healthy and for my recovery to be smooth and healthy and then pray for Wednesday for John and his family as they say good bye to Cheryl.

We will update tomorrow with pictures of the little guy as soon as we can!

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