Sunday, November 6, 2011

Flying Home...Prayer Requests

Tonight I leave for the airport with these two cuties to fly home to the States and get lots of kisses and hugs from their G and Papa! 

Our flight leaves at 1:00 AM Monday morning and we arrive at 12:30 PM Seattle time...I think total travel time from driving to the airport to landing is around 28 hours.

When we came to Saudi I posted a specific prayer request list and so many friends and family prayed over our journey and it went so smoothly so I wanted to go ahead and do the same. 

So, please pray over the following...we would appreciate it so much!
  • For safe travels and protection over the planes and the pilots and crew.
  • That on each flight my seats are together. Currently I have requested that they be together and I am praying that this doesn't get changed.
  • That the kids and I get settled at the airport in Saudi safely and easily and that I don't feel too uncomfortable waiting around by myself without John. 
  • That the car seat for Graham is easy to get on and off the plane and down the aisles and I don't encounter any opposition from flight attendants. It is approved by FAA and all the airlines say it is fine to use but I have heard stories from other friends.
  • That the transitions onto and off of each flight are smooth. That I can manage all our bags, stroller and car seat and get us into our seat and then off the plane and onto the next easily and without losing anything or anyone. 
  • Over the first flight from Saudi to Amsterdam and that the kids sleep. It is six hours long and flying through the night. Please pray they both sleep the majority of the flight so we are well rested.
  • Our layover in Amsterdam. That we can find food, a play ground and regroup for our next and final flight. Pray that I handle exiting the plane, security and any other stops with ease and that everything flows. Pray that we have no delays and our next flight leaves on time.
  • For our flight from Amsterdam to Seattle. Pray that I can entertain Peyton and care for Graham efficiently and with a cheerful and patient spirit and the time passes quickly.
  • That Graham handles flying, sleeping in his car seat and the change in pressure etc with ease and with the normal easy going attitude that he has.
  • That Peyton handles leaving John without too much drama and feels comforted that she will see him soon and the excitement of seeing her G takes precedence. Pray that she understands what is expected of her, and is adaptable. Pray that she sleeps as much as she needs to in order to be pleasant.
  • Pray for me...that I am patient, don't get overwhelmed, have strength to carry our bags, car seat etc and have energy to last the whole trip. Pray that I am clear in articulating my expectations of Peyton and she hears and receives my direction well. 
  • For the people around us and that we come in contact with. Pray that they have compassion and we don't ruin their trip!
  • That we are arrive in good spirits and can say the whole experience was better than we could have imagined!

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Laura said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and have been reading ever since! What a fascinating story! I hope you have a wonderful time at home with your parents!