Friday, November 18, 2011

My little ballerina

Yesterday turned out to be such a fun day. We went to eat lunch at a fun organic food cafe downtown and then Peyton started going on and on about how much she wanted ballet shoes. She talked about it the other day as well. There is a ballet instructor in Saudi on our camp and I just haven't put Peyton in it because I didn't think she would be interested or ready and she also was doing swimming and didn't want to overwhelm her. But with swimming being put on hold and Peyton starting to express an interest in dancing/ballet/princesses, I am hoping to get her started in ballet lessons when we return.

Since I knew that there is no way we would find what she would need in Saudi to start so we found an amazing dance store in downtown Bellingham. It is run by a husband and wife and they were so helpful and sweet. They had this adorable pink couch for Peyton to sit on to try on her shoes and it was such a fun experience buying Peyton's first ballet shoes. I only did ballet for a little bit when I was young but it was still surreal and fun to buy my daughter her first ballet shoes!

After shoes we needed to pick out a leotard and skirt and tights. I would have keep getting more and more and the girly side in me was coming out and surprisngly Peyton was all about it! We stuck with a simple leotard and skirt instead of the relaly cute and over the top outfits and I told myself if she likes ballet and keeps with it then this summer we will have to come back and get some of the more elaborate outfits!
When I did ballet when I was younger there was an instructor who gave me her ballet sweater after a class. My sister was in that class as well and was so jealous that I got the sweater and not her. My mom reminded me about that story while we were there and I was so tempted to buy Peyton a sweater and didn't. I figured I should look around in the various boxes in storage and find the special sweater and pass it onto her!

 Then when we came home it was time for our ballerina to show us her moves! She is so adorable and wouldn't take off her outfit. She was so excited to show Papa over skype and twirl around for us. I can't wait for her to actually be able to do her lessons and see my little girl do ballet! I can't believe she is old enough to have ballet shoes. I think the only thing that I would have a harder time with our have a more surreal moment would be buying her a horse riding helmet/gear. Now that would be very overwhelming!

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