Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

This Thanksgiving might not have had the largest gathering of people, or the most glamorous of locations or gourmet meal but it was full of love, thankfulness and just joy for being around people that I love and have missed so much. I have missed my family more than I knew. Maybe I just turned that off and didn't think about it while I was away but now that I have them around I realize how much I miss them, the loudness, craziness and dynamic that my family has. It really all hit me when I saw my youngest sister walk in the door from flying up from Lubbock and realizing how much I missed her. I don't talk to her on Skype everyday or on the phone because she is in college and busy and has a weird college schedule and so I have missed her. So, this Thanksgiving when we went around and said what we were thankful for...I was thankful for family, and that I was sitting around the table with my family near complete (and at Christmas we will finally be all together for the first time since May). The table was full of love, and an undeniable family bond complete with my parents, sister and Aunt and Uncle and my precious kids and I was full of thankfulness....and turkey!

And true to form...Graham tried everything and LOVED it and Peyton ate nothing besides bread...although she tried the cranberries.

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