Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snow, Donuts and Cars

Peyton is living the good life and being spoiled left and right by G and Papa and enjoying Washington as much as her mother!

She went outside to play in the snow the other morning. However she was dissapointed that there wasn't enough to make a snowman.

Then this morning she woke up early and went off with Papa to Rocket Donuts for a special breakfast. She woke up at 5 AM and asked me if it was time and I told her to go to bed, she did and apparently just went down at 6 AM to Papa and G's room in hopes she could get a different answer, they got her to go back to sleeep for another hour and then they were finally off. She had 2 donuts there and then they came home with some for us including the "monster donut."

After our sugar filled morning they surprised her with her very own set of wheels. Seriously, they had her go out and opened the garage door to reveal her very own car. It felt kind of like the Price is Right. What makes this even more fun is that this is something that my sisters and I wanted so badly growing up and of course we never got one! She was so surprised and loved it! I was surprised at how well she did driving and so I spent the morning chasing her around the driveway and she is already asking to go back out but the battery takes awhile to recharge.


We are having a good time at G and Papa's and Mommy is being spoiled with extra hands to take care of babies, ability to go and run on bautiful trails and relax with my family!

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