Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who needs snow?

When it snowed I bought a couple of sleds to use on the hills in front of my parents house and of course we have had no snow since then.

Well, today we had a gorgeous day and so Peyton was outside with my mom while I was finishing up lunch with Graham. When I came out she asked for her sled, I was confused, she explained in greater and louder detail and I found the sled and of we went and we had so much fun! We seriously just went down the wet hills and had a blast. She was soaked but it was worth it!


 And of course after awhile just Peyton going by herself was not enough fun and somehow Mommy was convinced to join in the fun. Although I am not as brave as Peyton and was scared and felt like a baby.

 Then we both decided to go which was a bad idea...I was scared by myself and so when I added Peyton I was even more scared because I didn't want anything to happen to her. We ended up falling and I have a bruise on my hip and Peyton thought it was hilarious!

I bought some ski pants for Peyton today at Target for $15 so she won't be soaked when we go out again and also when we head out to Mt Baker eventually. Peyton is already asking to go tomorrow! 

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