Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Midweek Ramblings

I am so bad about updating the blog! We have been loving Washington and I have pretty much decided that if I could have it my way we would be moving here right after Saudi. I have been looking at houses as we drive around and already have a stack of ones that I think would be just perfect for us...and they are all within a reasonable price range! I will have to do a post sometime of all my favorite houses.

Here are some ramblings about what we have been up to...
  • We have been enjoying the trails a bunch! We have gone several times to feed the ducks and walk around and love the trails here. There are so many that I am sure we will never get bored and there will always be a new one to explore. One day when we went to the park I overheard a couple of moms who were leaving talking about how they were off to run some errands. I was just thinking how wonderful it would be to go for a walk along the trails in the morning with the kids before you started your day. Love!

  • I was able to go for a run today! I went down to the trails and ran with sisters lab that my mom is watching...and we did a 3 mile run through the trails along the Whatcom Creek Falls. It was a wonderful run! 35 degrees and beautiful scenery and just the right amount of hills. Such a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing way to start the day.
  • We have been exploring some of the towns around Bellingham and walked through the town of Fairhaven and all the shops. I found some gifts for friends babies back in Texas, some stuff for Peyton for Christmas and also a great Christmas present for her that I think I will need to go back and get...a fairy tree house doll house thing!
  • Graham is finally sleeping through the night again and same with Peyton so we are starting to get some rest!
  • The other night I drove (so thankful for that freedom here) to Barnes and Noble and bought some travel books and a Beth Moore book (so thankful that I can have the freedom to buy a Christian book) and I spent the evening drinking coffee, writing in my journal and enjoying time away from the kids. It was wonderful!
  • John was approved for a couple days off in late January so I am starting to plan where we can all go for a quick family trip before he starts the big turnaround and long days/hours. So far the top choices are Oman or Turkey. I picked up a book on Turkey and they are ordering one on Oman for me so I can read those while I have some time here.
  • I am also thinking about taking the kids on a trip somewhere by myself to help break up the time that John is in turnaround. It is currently supposed to last 60-90 days and I know I will need a break and I am planning on visiting my sister and the UAE but I am thinking about a trip to somewhere in Europe. I am starting to look into it and we will see how brave I will be and if I ended up doing it.
  • I am looking forward to a week with my dad in Washington and then my youngest sister off for Thanksgiving and spending time up here! So excited about having family around and enjoying the Thanksgiving holidays!

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