Wednesday, January 19, 2011

32 Weeks

We made it another week and have between 49-56 (49 puts me at 37 weeks and 56 is at 39 weeks when my c-section will likely be scheduled) more days! After my appointment last week and my subsequent visit to the hospital I am keenly aware of how much can go wrong these last few weeks and how important it is to keep Graham inside and give him more time to grow.

As I left the hospital on Friday I was given a couple of things I needed to do, one, was see a neurologist that my doctor got me into to just go over my MRI and just do a follow up since I am still having headaches and spots/stars in my vision and then the second thing was to rest and try to not get my blood pressure up and if it was to go over 140/90 to call her immediately.

Neurologist....was able to get in yesterday and was told that my headaches and spotty vision were caused by pregnancy....Really? The doctor was very nice and thorough and went through a whole bunch of tests to test my neurological response and went through my history and just said they were likely caused by hormones and pregnancy. He agreed with me being very conservative in what medicine to take to help relieve the pain and we agreed on sticking with regular Tylenol and if they are unbearable to prescribe me Tylenol 3 which even he as a conservative doctor would be fine with giving me. Some doctors would prescribe Vicodin or something stronger but I won't take it pregnant and he agreed with me. He said if I am still having headaches and I am done breastfeeding to come back. For now...5-7 more weeks of headaches that don't completly go away with Tylenol but are manageable for now. Fun...another reason why Graham might and probably will be my last child!

Blood pressure management....the weekend was not so great but this week has been pretty good. It hasn't gotten to the "call the doctor" range but it is not low like the hospital. I don't think my doctor expected it to stay that low as she has kids and understands how hard it is to relax/do nothing with a two year old. It starts low at the beginning of the day and consistently rises as the day goes on. I am taking it three times a day and documenting for my doctor and I will be interested to see what she says when I show up next week with my numbers. It really fluctutes and makes no sense to me but anyways...I am trying to relax, trying to not do too much, trying to find ways to entertain Peyton that don't always involve TV/movies. Pray, Pray, Pray that it stays down!

Other than those issues, I am hanging in there. I am uncomfortable, have constant heartburn, feel like I am HUGE (these past two weeks I all of the sudden just feel gross and huge which is why I am in no mood to do a picture) and just kind of down on myself.....just trying to make it 5-7 more weeks...

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