Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doctor Appointment Update....add one more week....

I had my doctor appointment today and all is well with Graham. I am growing (aka..gaining weight), his heart beat is normal (134 bpm) and my blood pressure was fine. She looked over my chart that I have been keeping with my daily blood pressure readings and although they are mostly low, there are occasionally high readings and so she is officially stating that I have transient gestational hypertension. I am to keep monitoring my blood pressure three times a day and documenting it. Essentially my body is doing exactly what it did with Peyton at the end just a month earlier. I also have an ultrasound next week to monitor fluid levels and will probably be having an ultrasound every three weeks and my doctor appointments every two to keep monitoring fluid levels and my blood pressure. Same stuff we did with Peyton.

As for my due date....they are not adjusting it as I thought. Based off my 6 week and 10 week ultrasounds, it puts me at or right around March 22 and standard practice is not to adjust past those ultrasounds because of the room for error. And since Caucasian boys lungs develop slower they really don't like to adjust boy due dates unless there is clear evidence that it needs to be which right now there isn't. And both the high risk doctor and my doctor mentioned that given all the stuff my body is starting to do, they would be surprised if I made it to my scheduled c-section date anyways. They really see me having increased blood pressure issues, starting to see diminished fluid levels and delivering because of fluid levels....just like Peyton.

As of now we are back to March 21.....a day before my due date. You may be asking....Why isn't it a week earlier like most scheduled c-sections? Well, that is because my doctor will be on vacation for Spring Break! So, we are all hoping, my doctor including, that I don't go into labor on my own (that would be interesting) the week she is gone and that I hold off until she is back in the office on the 21st! In the end I know that babies come when they want to and we can plan as much as possible and he can come at a completely different time. I am still sticking with my "have everything done by 36 weeks" plan which puts us at February 21 and will be working out arrangements based off of delivering March 21. But at the same time I will be thinking through the "what if I go into labor" scenarios and have an idea of what we would do if that happens. In the end, all I want and pray for is a healthy little boy and as much as I wanted to get this pregnancy done earlier, have Graham here when my sister Shannon was home from college on Spring Break...I keep reminding myself what the most important thing is.

So, please say prayers for my blood pressure to stay manageable, and that my fluid levels stay high for as long as possible so we can keep Graham cooking longer and for him to arrive when it is the right time!

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