Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kindermusik and 33 Weeks

This week has been kind of quiet and low key so not much to write about. But I will say that I have had one pretty agreeable and happy toddler on my hands. We have had some weird crying fits after nap time on Sunday, Monday and then some afternoon crankiness on Tuesday but today was fine. I don't know what those were about but for the most part I have had a happy, silly little girl on my hands! This was us running some errands today.....

On Monday Peyton started a Kindermusik class at a church in the area which we are excited about. She did Kindermusik about a year ago or so and enjoyed it but since then we have done other stuff such as swimming over the summer and then gymnastics. We are still doing gymnastics until the end of February. I HATED stopping gymnastics since Peyton loves going but since I will be unable to take Peyton for six weeks or so once Graham comes due to my recovery and then the more I thought about it, I didn't see how it would really work carrying around a newborn and helping Peyton in her class since it is pretty much parent led. So, we are stopping gymnastics and I hope that maybe next fall we can do it again and in the meantime will be doing lots of their open gyms!

So, in place of gymnastics we decided to do Kindermusik again since I can easily incorporate Graham into that activity. Monday was our first day and she had a blast. She did great and it was amazing to see how much she has changed in a year and the way she was participating in the class this time as opposed to last time. I am looking forward to this new activity together and watching her pick up more and more each week!

She was dressed in a Valentine's Day themed shirt and leggings and I tried to get a good picture of her while we were walking out the door but she wasn't cooperating and just wanted to leave for "music" so this is the best I could do....I loved her leggings and boots!

Today I am 33 weeks pregnant and completely uncomfortable. Nothing new going on with me and Graham besides him growing and me growing as well. I feel like I have gotten huge lately. I am having difficulty sleeping and am essentially not sleeping at all (maybe 3-4 hours a night) which is getting old. My blood pressure has been low though which is good and I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor.

I did spend some time cleaning out his closet and organizing it which felt great. All of his clothes are organized by month/size and then his blankets are organized and everything finally has a place in either the baskets/hanging organizer/the plastic drawer thing in his closet or in his dresser in his room. We are really getting ready and I feel like we have most everything we need for him besides all of the disposable stuff you got through such diapers/wipes/soap/lotion and diaper cream and various other little items. I love the look of an organized closet.....
However, to organize the closet, I had to take out everything that was being stored in there that in the end will not be kept in there such as the swing, car seat, car seat adapters and stroller. Since it is silly to put all of that out already they are just sitting in the middle of his room. So, his closet looks nice and put together and his room has become a dumping ground!

I keep telling myself that come February 16 (when I will be 36 weeks) I can put out the swing, pack our bags for the hospital, put the car seat by the door and extra adapter in John's car, the bassinet in our room, bring the pack n' play to my parents and just start getting things more in place. I know from the last time that when you find out at the last minute at 37 weeks that you are having a baby it is nice to know that the only arrangements you have to make in those 24 hours is adjusting your dog's boarding and vacuuming the house!

So, things I would like to accomplish this week ( mostly once I get our new c-section date) is finalized Peyton's arrangements for the day of Graham's birth, print out her information/schedule etc, make arrangements for Titus and start a list of cleaning projects to be done by 36 weeks!

Then we only have 3 weeks to do all of that cleaning, pack our bags, make some meals to freeze, create a master grocery list with brand names etc to pass off to John/family, pick up a gift for Graham to give Peyton when she comes to the hospital to see him, send out notes to family with all of the details of when and what to expect, get everything washed and in the right place before my self imposed 36 week deadline! Crazy! These next three weeks might be a little more busier than I thought...which hopefully will help them fly by!

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I'm glad to help with Peyton however I can when baby comes