Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Stroller Has Arrived....

After a long wait, my stroller finally arrived yesterday afternoon!!! After getting over the initial burst of anger that the Fed Ex man rang the bell during Peyton's nap causing our dog to go crazy....I calmed Titus down, made sure Peyton was asleep and then dragged the box inside to start investigating.

First impression, the box was small that it came in (more thin than small) which was encouraging already. Pulled it out and it was super easy to put together. Quickly realized that the basket underneath is useless and you can unsnap some of the snaps on the side when you need to get in and out which will probably happen when we are on a long shopping trip when you don't need anything after you buy it.

Second impression, it fit through all the hallways and arches of my house. Did not fit through the door of Graham's room when I went to store it but overall pretty compact for a double stroller. A little more difficult to fold, kind of have to pull and wiggle but maybe that is just the newness?

LOVE the canopies! Very big and provide super coverage!

Now onto the accessories that cost a fortune when you added them up and turns out to not be very impressive and I am returning half of them.
  1. Accessory #1: Parent Console - only goes on one side, a little weird to put on but all in all, I good purchase and design. It has two deep pockets with a Velcro lid so things don't dump out when folding etc and a cup holder. Satisfied!
  2. Accessory #2: Bumper Bar - didn't realize how nice two separate adjustable bumper bars would be since they are both going to be such different ages but oh well. The only stroller that had that was the Bumble ride Indie Twin and that folds HUGE! In the end Peyton will probably be the primary user of the bumper bar to pull herself up and when Graham will need it she will either not care or maybe not even be in the stroller very much. Result...keeping it.
  3. Accessory# 3: Snack Trays - STUPID DESIGN! They snap onto the bumper bar and then Velcro to secure. Seemed like a good idea but they are way too high even for Peyton and then when you adjust the bar, they tilt. And I noticed that they have to sit off to the side and not in front of the child which annoys me and causes me to mildly freak out that it isn't straight. Also, realized that two don't really fit on the bumper bar and it just seemed annoying. Result...returning to Amazon ASAP! I will be using these straps that I had for Peyton on my jogging stroller that Velcro around the cup so it won't fall out of the stroller and then using snack cups when they want a snack.
  4. Accessory #4: Rain cover - it is a rain cover, nothing too exciting but it does fit well and is easy to put on.
  5. Accessory #5: Car Seat Adapter - kind of disappointing on that as well which at 10:00 PM at night when you are putting it together almost made me want to return everything and cry out of pregnancy hormones. We finally got it together (pictures and directions were horrible) and got the car seat out and on it and it wasn't as secure as we would like and you essentially can't really fold the stroller with it on. It folds but it has this huge adapter hanging out there and is impractical for traveling. It would work if you have the time to be careful putting it in and out of your car but not when you are boarding a plane etc. Travel was the main reason I got it because if we were flying a long distance I would probably pay for Graham to have a seat, bring his car seat and he could sleep there so I wouldn't have my hands full with him while trying to care for Peyton and if by some miracle of God they both were sleeping, I could sleep as well without worrying about him. Well, we talked about it last night and realized that if I flew to Canada (most trips) I wouldn't pay for a seat for him since it is a short flight and I would just check his car seat like I did with Peyton. The stroller seats recline fully so he can use it from day one. If we were doing any other kind of travel then chances are John would be with me and we could do several options.... #1 use the double and he carry the empty car seat through the airport.... #2 use the snap and go and check the double and Peyton walk.....#3 use the snap and go, and the single umbrella for Peyton and check the double (silly as it would give us three strollers when we arrive somewhere) although those seem silly, it showed us that we have some options, it isn't as critical as we needed it and since I cant find a stroller that meets the car seat adapter function without compromising on weight and fold then I would rather just return it and get some money back....result...being returned!

So....after I return everything, I am going ahead and getting the travel bag so if I do want to check it or even store it etc I have that option.

Peyton loved it and climbed in and watched Dora yesterday afternoon while sitting in it and made sure to tell me that the baby will be going beside her. I love how small it folds, it only weighs 26 lbs which is heavy enough and the folding strap to keep it closed is a little annoying but easy to find and do and seems like it would hold it well enough.

Looking back the only other option that I think would have been a contender is the Bumble ride Indie Twin but especially now that I am returning accessories it would have been a whole bunch more and I can't over the additional 10 lbs it weighs and how big it is when it is folded and I just don't think that is practical when traveling. I am glad I didn't go with the Stroll Air My Duo because I love how Peyton can crawl in and out of the City Mini without any assistance and the Stroll Air seats were higher and also just seemed more appropriate for babies not tall and active toddlers.

So far, it is what I expected and hasn't exceeded my expectations but I am not disappointed (just with the accessories that I have to now return and deal with).

Stay tuned for when we really test this out...March and then hopefully more so this summer with some trips!

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Stori said...

Oh, thanks!!! This is great. I can't wait to hear how you like when you actually take it for a test run with two.

Also, I forget to mention in your Day in the Life post... you are not the only soap watcher. At least once every couple of weeks I like to clear out Isla's nap time for long lunch with One Life to Live and General Hospital :).