Saturday, January 15, 2011

One Night Stay at....SE Memorial Herman Hospital

I will be honest...I have been wanting a night away! A night to sleep whenever and for however long I want, a night to enjoy pampering, watching TV (not Dora cartoons) uninterrupted, gourmet food and a relaxing time away. I got a night away on Thursday night but not really in the accommodations I was hoping for.

I went to my doctor's appointment on Thursday and similar to a couple of weeks ago my blood pressure was elevated but this time it was elevated even more and it although it went down while I was there, it didn't drop low enough so I was awarded a 24 hour urine collection and observation at SE Memorial Herman Hospital. And I also mentioned some headaches and spotty/starry vision I had been having which made her even more concerned since that is a side affect of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. I had a similar observation with my pregnancy with Peyton but at 35 weeks so she was also concerned that my blood pressure was becoming an issue 4 weeks earlier than before.

I rushed out of the doctor's, grabbed some lunch and went to pick up Peyton from school, dropped her off at my parents, went home and packed some stuff for myself and then drove myself to the hospital. I got checked in, tons of blood drawn, hooked up to monitors to check the babies heartbeat and any possible contractions I was having (little to none). It was nice that this time I was only supposed to have my blood pressure taken every two hours but while I was awake. Last time I was woken up all night so at least I was able to get some sleep. Later that night I had an ultrasound to check for fluid levels, breathing, placenta, cervical dilation and for baby movement. Everything looked fine and Graham is still a Graham which is always reassuring. He is also still breached but his legs are either straight down or in a fetal position so he has some room to move around.

The next day, more monitoring and just waiting for my 24 hours to pass. Finally I was done....or so I blood work and urine came back fine, my blood pressure readings were fine but she was concerned about my headaches/vision issues so she ordered a MRI (since they have no adverse reactions on the baby as long as you don't have contrast which I didn't) just to check for any issue that could be there. Got that done and was told that it was all clear but possible chronic sinutitis....really....sinuses? Anyways, I was finally discharged around 7 PM with instructions to take it easy and monitor my blood pressure three times a day at home and call if it is near 140/90. Hopefully we can keep it down and not be too stressed but that is super difficult with an active toddler and a husband in turnaround at work and my list making/busy body self!

Peyton was super excited to see me when I went to my parents to get her and I missed her so much! It was miserable being away from her especially since she is a little under the weather. John took her to the doctor yesterday morning since I wanted to make sure nothing too bad was going on before we hit the weekend and she just has a cold but I hated her being sick and me not being there for her. True to her strong self though she has been hanging in there and is in pretty good spirits and a trooper!

So, glad to be home, thankful everything is fine, praying that it stays that way and that Graham and I can continue to be healthy! I did enjoy (as much as I could) the hospital and the nurses were amazing which is reassuring since I had never been to that hospital and am a little more comforted with going there in hopefully 8 weeks and not any time sooner!

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