Monday, January 31, 2011

Now we are 33 weeks....

So, now we are 33 weeks considering unless my body goes into labor or I have complications, we are not moving my c-section date from 7 weeks from today.

Not much has changed since my last "33 week" post. I am still super uncomfortable, miserable and pretty down on pregnancy! I had a brief moment over the weekend where I tried to be positive and change my thinking from "this stinks" to "this is the last time I get to ____." That worked for about a day and then I was cranky again! I mostly think I just need to keep myself busy these coming weeks so I am not thinking about how much longer I have and I am also trying to remember I at least need to do 4 more weeks. I can do 4! stay busy this week....I am having coffee with a couple of mom's from a mom's bible study that I am in tonight, doing some shopping/errands tomorrow while Peyton is at school, bible study/church on Wednesday, Thursday night is a small group social event for the mom's bible study I am in, Friday is gymnastics, and then Saturday there is a Valentine's Making Party at our church for the little kids, then I have my baby shower and then dinner with some good friends! I am thinking that is a good, full week to take my mind off baby!

I am also trying to make a better list of things to do before the end of February so I will be working on that as well as starting to look into prices for Summer vacations so we have an idea of what we can or can't afford and what we will need to save. So, I am figuring that between my normal job of being mom/wife/cook/maid and my other commitments this week and other stuff to plan....I should keep my mind off baby for another week and then next Monday I will come up with some new tasks to keep me occupied!

Now I have to get everyone dressed and out the door so we can go by the bank, and Target before Kindermusik!

Have a happy Monday....oh....and apparently we might get snow later this week....weird....I will have to look into this rumor!

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