Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Day in the Life....

My friend Kim did a post called "A Day in the Life Of..." and so I decided to go ahead and document today for everyone! This is our typical Tuesday/Thursday since those are the days Peyton goes to school. I will have to do a "regular day" another time.

6:30 AM - Mommy wake up and start getting ready

7:00 AM - Peyton wake up and I change her diaper and put on a pull up. Peyton goes and sits on the couch to watch some cartoons on PBS while I make us both breakfast

7:30 AM - Mommy and Peyton sit down at the table and eat breakfast together. Once done, Peyton goes and either plays in her room or watches some more cartoons while I clean up.

8:00 AM - We both get dressed and ready. Peyton typically "helps" me get ready by running around my room and hiding in my closet and then sitting in the bathroom with me pretending to put on make up/do her hair etc. We brush our teeth together and then move into Peyton's room to get her dressed for the day.

8:30 AM - Attempt to start making it towards the door to leave for school. Mommy gets Peyton's lunch box, backpack and all other belongings while Peyton puts Titus up in his crate. Get every one's shoes on. Peyton insists on closing the door and locking it with the keys by "herself". Get the door locked and everyone into the car

8:45 AM - Arrive at Pee Wee School, walk in and after stopping at the toys in the hallway, the phone booth and the fish tank, get Peyton into her classroom. Stop and chat with her teachers and then completely random moment and Peyton does not want me to leave and starts to cry and yell "mommy." I quickly reassure her that I am coming back and run out of there!

9:00 AM - Get to Panera Bread and get a bagel and some fruit and start reviewing notes for our adult married small group that John and I lead on Wednesday night. We are discussing the book Twenty Essential Christian Beliefs by Grudem and are going over the Trinity tomorrow. Go through my notes, rearrange questions, look up scripture and then start re-reading for next week on Creation. I try to stay at least three weeks ahead of group prep so I have time to reflect, change and really have a good grasp on what we are studying.

10:15 AM - Leave Panera Bread for my appointment with the neurologist as a follow up from my stay in the hospital (more tomorrow on how it all went...pretty much...pregnancy caused head aches...hope they go away when I deliver in 5-7 weeks).

11:00 AM - Leave the neurologist and stop at Babies R'Us on the way home to get a couple of stuff for Graham

11:45 AM- Make it home and update Quicken (our budget software) with the weekends purchases etc, balance the budget. Start a load of laundry. Make myself some lunch.

12:30 PM - Sit down with my lunch....leftover chicken/broccoli/rice casserole, and watch the soap opera the Bold and the Beautiful. Yes, I waste 30 minutes of my day watching a pointless soap! Blame my mom for watching it when I was younger and now me carrying on the tradition!

1:00 PM - Check my blood pressure before I start doing anything.....128/87...bottom number is a little high...ugh! Switch laundry, do the dishes, make the beds since we were running late this morning and I didn't have time. Look at the weekly household cleaning schedule and notice that today errands/grocery shopping (check...none to do), vacuum (can't do because it takes too much out of me so John does it when he gets home) and clean living room (Peyton can help me this afternoon since she loves cleaning and it will give us something to do).

1:20 PM - Get a bowl of ice cream and check Facebook....

1:25 PM - Think about dinner and realize that I was planning a slow cooker meal for tonight...opps! Hurry up and start defrosting chicken and reading through the recipe for Chicken Ratatouille....and start cutting veggies...cut chicken, through everything in slow cooker and get it going before I have to leave! Whew! Glad I remembered and was able to get it done!

1:50 PM - Leave to pick up Peyton from school. Bring the book Doctrine by Mark Driscoll to read while in the carpool line. Reading through a chapter on Creation...good stuff! Realize that I am excited about our Valentine's gift to each other next month....a I don't have to keep up with the multiple books and carrying them around with me! Hurry up Valentine's Day!

2:05 PM - Peyton loaded up in car and I am informed by her that she would like to go to Granny and Papa's to play "monster"....a game where Papa hides, Peyton goes and finds him, they yell/scream at each other and he chases her back to "base" which is Granny. I don't know how it started but it is her favorite game. We get to Granny and Papa's and Peyton starts acting cranky so no "monsters" and instead watch some cartoons and then she goes and gets the mail with Papa and hangs out.

4:30 PM - Head home.....Peyton plays by herself in her room while I do some work in Graham's room organizing. End up talking with my best friend Megan on the phone instead about being pregnant...she is due one week after me with a boy as well. I am super bummed that I am not allowed to travel to her baby shower in Beaumont due to all the complications I have had in the early parts of my pregnancy and now with the whole blood pressure stuff. I wanted to be there so badly!

5:15 PM - Start making dinner for Peyton since I know she won't eat Chicken Ratatouille and is acting like she feels kind of icky/tired so I am going to be nice and make her pizza with veggies.

6:00 PM - Peyton eats dinner and I sit with her at the table trying to have a conversation about her day. Not getting much dialogue back.

6:30 PM - John gets home late from work (he is in a turnaround so he has been putting in some long hours) and since I didn't want pizza I waited to eat with him so we eat dinner together.

7:30 PM - John gives Peyton a bath while I write this blog post and then relax by watching TV.

8:15 PM - Peyton gets her PJ's on, we read three books, sing "Jesus Loves Me," say our prayers and off to bed she goes.

8:45 PM - Fold laundry from earlier in the day, get snacks together for my Mom's bible study tomorrow morning, pick up the house, finish up this blog post and then am off for a lukewarm bath (joys of pregnancy), sit down and talk with John about tomorrow and what our plans are and then off to bed...probably will be in bed around 10:00 PM and will fall asleep finally around 11:00 PM!

That is our least a Tuesday/Thursday!

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