Monday, January 17, 2011

Waiting on my stroller...

So, I ordered my stroller (Baby Jogger City Mini Double) a couple of weeks ago and have gotten all the numerous accessories in the mail (bumper bar, snack trays, parent tray, rain cover and car seat adapter) but still no stroller! I know I don't need it for awhile but I really, really want to see it and start getting used to it!

Well, when I was in the hospital I got an email saying that Baby Jogger was delaying the launch of their 2011 models and that they wouldn't start releasing them until MARCH! And the color I wanted would be late March....some of the other colors go into April! Ugh!

So, the reason I went with the 2011 model was for one main change...addition of a PE board (plastic board) in the seat backs to prevent slouching, then they also added a Velcro strap to make the seat even more upright and the only other change I found was that you could remove one canopy and not the other unlike before were you had to remove both.

Well, the website that I ordered the stroller from sent out an email offering the 2010 models at a discounted price with two free PE boards (plastic boards). Since the canopy issue is not that big of a deal and the reviews on the Velcro strap were modest and nothing great I decided to take up the offer. It ended up saving us just under $100 which is worth not having the two other changes. Stroller should ship tomorrow or Wednesday and hopefully be here soon! I am looking forward to practicing folding it, seeing how it fits in my car and putting all the accessories on it!

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