Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Book

On Tuesday I didn't really have much to do when I dropped off Peyton at school so I wandered around aimlessly for a little bit and then decided that perhaps I should work on her baby book considering it is pretty much not started at all and we are about to have another one! I started writing, pulling picture files and by that night had made a really good dent into it. I still have a ways to go but I took really good records of her first year through pictures and writing developments etc on a calendar so it is pretty easy to fill out the book.

I had a hard time finding a baby book for Peyton and actually didn't find one until she was about a year old when my mom got her one. So, I decided that maybe I should also look into some books for Graham and decided if I can have whatever I want that I would like this one....with his name on it obviously!

It is from a seller on Etsy and you can check out the inside pages by clicking here. It looks like it has really nice pages inside to fill out, already comes with a calendar in the back and has extra blank pages to add in stuff that they don't have a spot for which I am having to do with Peyton's and then if you purchase the additional page packages (I like the outings and holidays one) you have a pretty comprehensive and easy to keep up with baby book.

Unfortunately when you price it all together for the book and extra pages it came to $80...not we will have to see! But I thought I would pass along my find of the day!

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Kim said...

We bought the same one for Isaac. I LOVE it, definitely worth the investment.