Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get it....

This morning Peyton asked to see the baby, which means that I need to pull up my shirt and she looks and rubs my belly and gives the baby a kiss.

This is what our conversation looked like....

Peyton: "Baby, hello, baby...mmmm....kiss."
Mom: "Can you say Graham? That is your brother's name."
Peyton: "Graham...luv you"
More rubbing and poking at my bellybutton by Peyton.
Peyton: "Mom...."
Mom: "Yes"
Peyton: "Get it...get baby"
Please note that when Peyton wants something in the car and my response is that it is at home she has now been telling me to get it. Or if she wants to go see Granny and Papa, she says get it.
Mom: "Well, I can't get the baby out, he needs to grow inside mommy for a little longer."
Peyton: "No...get it...get baby now."
Mom: "I am sorry Peyton but he has to stay inside and soon he will come."
Peyton: "No...Peyton hold it"

Apparently we are both just as patient with this whole pregnancy process. Oh I wish I could just go "get" Graham!

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